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The Core Capacities Index™ (CCI™) outlines four primary core capacities that individuals align with, providing a detailed portrait of a person's unique strengths and behavior. Each core capacity is represented by a specific quadrant in the CCI™, offering a score that reflects the strength of that particular capacity relative to the others. Gain a deeper understanding of your core capcities and learn how they impact your work and life.

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What are the Core Capacities?

The Builder

The core capacity of a Builder is Power. Power is the personal energy used to make a difference and create a positive result. This core capacity is supported by the catalytic value of Faith. Faith is the confidence a person has to say, "I know what to do. I know that what I am about to do is right. I will know what to do next."

Builders are a well-respected group of people. They are powerful people who tend to create lasting monuments for themselves and their businesses. Builders act, make decisions, and drive toward results. Builders lead by example and by command. Their style is to take immediate action and apply their personal energy to create a desired result.

The Merchant

The core capacity of a Merchant is Inspiration. Inspiration is the nurturing of core capacities in one's self and in others. This core capacity is supported by the catalytic value of Truth. Truth is the ability to see the way things are.

Merchants are amazing sales people. But more than this, they are the risk- takers, the visionaries, and the traders opening new markets. They see endless possibilities. They foster the pursuit of wealth, art, and beauty. They lead through inspiration and excitement. They ask others to help them achieve their unique vision. Their strategy is to attract others to their visions, and to nurture the core values in others.

The Innovator

The core capacity of an Innovator is Wisdom. Wisdom is the ability to see the way things work and know what to do about it. This core capacity is supported by the catalytic value of Compassion. Compassion is the ability to remain in situations and understand why other people react the way they do.

Innovators constantly add to society with their ability to solve problems. They observe and understand situations while striving toward effective solutions. When others around them claim, "It can't be done", Innovators come up with a possibility and they ask, "What if?" Innovators always find a better way. They lead through brainstorming, innovation, strategic thinking, and the provision of effective strategies. They lead by questioning and providing critical answers for critical situations.

The Banker

The core capacity of a Banker is Knowledge. Knowledge is the "how" and "why" of things. This core capacity is supported by the catalytic value of Justice. Justice is the fair and equitable way.

Bankers gain and preserve the most important knowledge. They take personal responsibility for collecting and preserving the most important resources of society. They assimilate all available data in their field of endeavor. They organize thought and information to help others be more effective. They challenge the viability of new directions by showing past successes and failures. They keep balance in the system. Bankers conserve, analyze and inform. Their strategy is to constantly gather knowledge, so that when the time comes, they will have the answer.

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Gain deeper insights into your core capcities and discover how these capacities impact your work and life. Take the Core Capacities Index™ assessment today!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Core Capacities Index™ assessment?

The CCI™ is an online assessment tool that presents participants with a series of 36 boxes, each containing four words. Participants choose two words from each box that best represent them. Each word is directly linked to one of the four Core Capacities, providing an authentic snapshot of a person’s innermost self - a unique mix of core motivational drivers. The CCI™ has been proven to have a reliability and repeat test scoring consistency in the 95% range, making it significantly more stable and reliable than many gold standard behavioral assessments.

Why the CCI™ over other tools?

Many notable personality assessment tools can be too complicated and confusing, whereas the CCI™ focuses on four essential motivations. The CCI™ has a remarkable 97.7% repeat score reliability, significantly higher than most personality assessment tools. Moreover, it's difficult to find a brief assessment that provides a proven way to get the right match between business processes and innate motivations.

What are the strengths of the CCI™?

The CCI™ is the simplest, most accurate tool for improving self-awareness and aligning job tasks with innate nature. It is beneficial for business leaders, employees, or anyone who wishes to gain deeper insights into their core capcities and how these capacities impact their work and life.

In contrast to conventional assessments, the CCI™ only uses positive strategic capacities and values in a simple word-choice format. It is not a personality test and doesn’t require answering any questions. Instead, users choose 72 words that best represent them, unveiling their innate nature and core motivational drivers. These drivers dictate the behaviors and desired work that develop self-esteem, leading people to instinctively seek work opportunities that allow them to make their highest contribution possible.

What are the limitations of the CCI™?

The CCI™ focuses on a person's innate nature and core motivational drivers, not on acquired skills or learned behaviors. While this offers valuable insights into an individual's natural tendencies, it may not capture their potential to adapt, learn, and grow. It's essential to complement the CCI™ with other assessments to get a holistic understanding of an individual's capacities.